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Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina (1995)
Studied at ESAD.CR  
Internship at Rubio y del Amo, Spain
Based in Lisbon, Portugal 

Work for: 

Alkantara Festival - Assistant of the Art Director and Graphic Designer Ana Teresa Ascensão. 

Jameson Urban Routes - Art Director​​​​​​​
Musicbox Lisboa - Art Director 
MTV Portugal - Graphic Designer 
ABC Hotels - Graphic Designer 
Switchdance for Rive Rouge- Art Director 
World In Harmony (Casino Estoril) - Art Director 
Creative Pixel - Art Director
Makro - Euro M agency - Graphic designer
Portugal Polytechnics - Graphic designer
BoCA  (bienal of contemporary arts) - Graphic designer Assistant
Virditas et veritas - Head of Design 
Orfeu Negro - Web and Graphic Designer
Dino Gonçalves - Graphic Designer and Interior Designer Assistant
Liz Garden - Marketing Digital and Graphic Designer 
CoffeePaste - Sotaques and Coffebreak podcast Graphic Design Identity 
Local App - Art Director and Head of Design
Sart-Up Cultural  - Artistic Advisor and Artistic Investigation 
Ricardo Correia Autor - Web Design and Social Media Management 
Tantos Livros, Livreiros - Web Design and Social Media Management
Escola Profissional de Anadia - Art Director/Graphic Designer
Festival Todos - Digital Graphic Designer

Sart-Up Cultural  - Artistic Advisor and Artistic Investigation 
CoffePaste - Interview 2019 (Portugal)
P3 - Article (Portugal) 2018
Collectif Blanc- Publication (France) 2017
Back to Town - Rodoviária (Anadia) 2017 
Olga Roriz Company - Photography 2017
Alumiar! - Trampolim  Gerador  (Lisbon) 2016
RETYPE LAGOS- Artistic Residence (Lagos) 2016 
This is not a composition - Lx Factory Ler Devagar 2016 
Speaker's Garden - Bienal Ano Zero  Conference  2016 
Collectif Blanc- Publication (France) 2015
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